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***Unfortunately I am not currently able to accept new clients***  The idea of going to therapy often arises when our usual coping strategies and problem-solving efforts don’t seem to be doing the trick.  However, we may not exactly relish the prospect of stirring the pot and devoting time to focusing on problems in therapy.  Most of us have experienced how thinking about a problem can easily result in feeling worse.  And yet, often there is an intuition that taking a closer look is the way forward. My view is that when therapy works, it’s because it provides the right context for this exploration – one which helps us get perspective and leads to something new.

Mindfulness-based psychotherapy starts with the recognition that our experience is being generated each moment, and that here, in the present, is where we can actually see and transform this process.   In this style of therapy, the emphasis is on learning to connect with what’s happening right now as the starting point.  Mindfulness is not so much an effort to get rid of, or “fix” problems, but taking a keen interest in observing what's going on. Through seeing clearly and working directly with what is happening in and around us, fixed patterns become lighter and more workable, and we start to feel less mired in unhelpful habits.  We gain confidence that we can look at whatever is arising, and even tough moments can start to be recognized as opportunities.  Through presence of mind we are less on autopilot - more awake, alive, and fully human.  

In reality there are probably as many different kinds of therapy as there are therapists. The goal is to find what works for us at any given time. Please don’t hesitate to contact me to get a better sense of my approach, as well as specifics about fees, insurance, logistics etc… to help figure out what's right for you.  I am happy to meet for a free consultation visit via phone or in person.


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